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Acemoney ensures customers don't have to visit the ATM for cash. Instead, Acemoney will deliver money to your doorstep with a single click in the Acemoney App. All the services an individual needs in their day-to-day services are also provided at a single click in the application.

What is the problem Acemoney is solving?

Acemoney is solving many problems that a customer faces in his daily life. Such as

   Finding an ATM
   Long queue, to withdraw cash
   Technical errors in the ATM
   Difficulty in operating an ATM
   Frequent visits to the bank for deposits and transactions
   Maintain social distancing and avoiding public places
   Unavailability of liquid money in hand for emergencies
   For each payment, people have to visit different payment portals
   Corporative bank account holders don't have access to features like ATM services and mobile banking facilities

How do we propose to solve this problem?

In the current pandemic, people need proper hygiene and safety, so they prefer to stay at home and avoid public places. Through the ACEMONEY app, customers can order cash online and get money delivered at home...We ensure 100% safety and hygiene for each of our customers. Acemoney App solves many issues a customer faces in an ATM, such as finding an ATM, long queues, and other technical errors in the ATM. We are providing a single platform for all the money transactions a customer needs in his daily life. Customers can also deposit, withdraw and make payments by visiting the nearest Acemoney outlet.

What is the uniqueness of our solutions?

We deliver money at home within 30-45 minutes of the order.